eMUE – The initiative in Medical Education

eMUE – The initiative in Medical Education

Education in Emergency and Urgency Medicine = educaMUE

Bringing together the concepts of e-learning, continuing medical education and FOAMed, the Technical Training Organizations (OTEC) educaMUE (eMUE) is created. RUT: 76.743.363-8

The educaMUE platform (emue.cl) brings together and organizes both free and open access material (FOAMed) in urgency and emergency medicine, as well as our paid offer of certified courses.

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“The educaMUE initiative is made up of a team of specialists in Emergency Medicine, with the conviction that “education saves lives”.

For this reason, together with the development of the formal residency of the specialty at Universidad San Sebastián – Clínica Santa María, this team has spent years dedicated to emergency education for medical specialists and non-specialists, both in Chile and Latin America, leading in the use and application of modern, effective and high-quality teaching tools and strategies. Participate, send us comments and help us maintain this initiative. If you are interested in doing the specialty in Urgency and Emergency Medicine with the MUE-USS team, access our MUE site
years dedicated to the e-mue initiative
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