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Online course 8 weeks (start 03/28/2022)

Rationality differentiates us from animals… but even so, our brain maintains instinctive and emotional functioning! We think of ourselves as rational beings… but most of the day we are using analytical thinking. Most of our decisions are automatic.

In medicine we must make decisions at every moment, what we ask, what we examine, what studies we request, what treatments or outbreaks we carry out, etc etc etc… But do we really understand how we are making these decisions? We make mistakes, we are human, but can we prevent mistakes? or at least some?
How does our brain work to reach a decision?, thought system 1, thought system 2, what are the advantages and deficiencies of each one?, when we use one or the other, when each one is wrong, how to recognize it and/or avoid it…

Unmissable and extremely useful for all professionals who work in complex environments and situations, in which they must make important decisions on a regular basis! Do not miss it!

100% e-learning mode.
Each week they will have video classes on each topic to be discussed, in which while they watch them, they will have to develop questions and/or tasks in order to reinforce their learning. Associated with 1 weekly reading and suggested complementary material, plus the Slack tool, which will allow them, through their smartphone or PC, to interact with the students and teachers of the course.

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